Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many phone calls from prospective puppy buyers who have lots of questions about owning a Cairn Terrier of their own.  Here are some of the most frequently asked -




Which is best - male or female?

Both make great pets.  Some of our girls tend to be more independant, whereas boys are often more anxious to please and often enjoy more cuddles.  However, both are fun loving, inquisitve and playful.  We always recommend that both sexes are spayed or neutered.  Also two cairns living together should always be male and female.




Do cairns get on well with children?

Cairns love children, especially when they are brought up with them.  Children should be taught that dogs have feelings and must be treated with respect.  And - cairns should be taught manners at an early age.  Our cairns were brought up with my four children, (and now grandchildren) and there has never been a problem.  Cairns are great with all ages. They adapt very well to new situations.  I would not, however, leave any dog alone with a baby or young child.




Will they bark much?

Cairns are not typically yappy, but they should not be allowed to continuously bark unchecked.  They are usually good watchdogs and will enthusiastically announce visitors.  As with all dogs, teaching them manners at a young age makes for a nicer cairn to have around.



Do they dig?

Some individuals will tend to dig if they are bored and left alone for hours with nothing to do or no stimulation.  They like lots of walks, lots of company, lots of toys and big bones to chew to keep them happy.


How much grooming is involved?

There's not a lot of grooming required, but keeping your cairn tidy and free of knots makes life easier.  Buy yourself a good steel comb and a pin brush.  Each week give your puppy a good brush and follow up with the comb.  Starting young will get them used to it.  Also, keep bathing to a minimum.  Twice yearly your dog will most likely start to lose their long, dead coat and this should be removed so that the new coat can come through.



What age can I take my puppy home?

Somewhere between 8-10 weeks of age.  We like to be certain that the pups are mature enough to leave their mum and littermates.  We also like them to be eating well and showing some independance.  When you bring your puppy home, he/she will have had their first vaccination, but you will need to organise with your Vet to have the second vaccination done.  During this period it is not advisable to take your puppy out until the vaccinations have taken effect.  Please be advised by your Vet as to when this should be.


Are older dogs available?

Occasionally we have older dogs who we are trying to place into new homes.  Generally these older ones sell for a little less than a puppy.  Because cairns adapt so well to new situations, you need not worry that they will not fit in with your family.  Most adoptions of our older dogs have been highly successful.  Please ask us if there are any older ones coming up.  Sometimes we know in advance when something will be available.



Can I breed from my dog?

Our dogs are sold on the understanding that they are pets and companions and are not to be bred from or sold on to Pet Shops, dealers or shipped overseas.  It is for this reason that our precious puppies are registered on the VCA Limited Register to give them some protection against unscrupulous practises.  If, however, you would like to experience having a litter, we sometimes sell suitable female pups on "breeding terms".  In this way your family can have the great experience of having a litter and also having the purchase price of your bitch reimbursed.  Please inquire if you are interested and we will supply the full details.


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