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  Name : Geoff Lloyd
Web Site :
Country : Bendigo, Victoria
How you found us : Looking on line
Comments : Hi Lyn, My wife and I would like to get a Cairn pup or perhaps explore the possibility of an older Cairn. Thanks
Date : 2-Nov-18

  Name : Martha
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google
Comments : Hi, we were looking for a pup and wonder if you have any available. Thanks, Martha
Date : 26-Oct-18

  Name : Jeff
Web Site :
Country : Queensland
How you found us : Web
Comments : Hi we are a family who are interested in a carin terrier can u tell me about availablity girl only & price please cheers jeff & Kirsten
Date : 12-Aug-18

  Name : Sharon
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : google
Comments : Hi, We would love to have a Cairn terrier as a pet. Can you tell us how much a puppy cost? Thanks, Sharon
Date : 3-Jul-18

  Name : Brigit
Web Site :
Country : New Zealand
How you found us :
Comments : My cairn buddy is almost 6 now and has the biggest personality. He is constantly entertaining me with his antics. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you Lyn for bringing him into my life.
Date : 21-Apr-18

  Name : Linda
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : google
Comments : Hi I am looking to buy a female cairn puppy that i could have as an inside dog and also one I could take for long walks who could be a good companion, I have a huge back yard so plenty of room to run around in. I live on my own so she would be well loved and looked after.
Date : 16-Apr-18

  Name : jane Irving
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Previously purchased a pup
Comments : Magnificent puppies. Lyn,we are seeking another pup from you.Either a dark male or wheaten to red female. Hoping you have a litter coming up.? Best wishes Jane.
Date : 24-Feb-18

  Name : Diana
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google
Comments : Hi, My name Diana and I love these terriers. Wanting to know if you have an older terrier that might need a home please ? I live in Wandong, not too far away. Kind regards, 0477596607
Date : 2-Nov-17

  Name : christine karrer
Web Site :
Country : australia
How you found us : google
Comments : we had two cairn from puppys they died this year they were 18 we miss them so much and would like to buy two older dogs to share our lives with we are in our 70s live in skye do you know of any cairns that peole have had to surrender because of sickness or going into care we would give them a good home and plenty of love best regards chris
Date : 13-Jul-17

  Name : michael ritchie
Web Site :
Country : aus
How you found us : internet
Comments : looking to purchase a female puppy , our cairn is 12 years old..best dog we have ever had... time to think about replacement.... located hope island queensland mwr
Date : 23-Apr-17

  Name : JudithNeedham
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google search for Cairn Terrier
Comments : Wonderful site, so informative and happy! We recently lost our dear terrier-X and are looking for another person to join the family. We are a retired couple at home on a small property in Tasmania, with horses and great walking tracks in the bush, looking for an older terrier to be a companion - is there a waiting list we could go on, perhaps, in case such a person becomes a possibility? Thank you.
Date : 23-Feb-17

  Name : Dominique
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google
Comments : Can you please tell me if there are any options to deliver to Queensland? We are having trouble finding a breeder here. Thank you
Date : 21-Feb-17

  Name : Jodie
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Internet
Comments : Hi there, We have been looking over your website for several months and have found it very informative. We are a family with 2 children 9 & 11 and have discovered that the Cairns Terrier maybe the perfect breed to join our family. We lost our 13 yo family pet last year and feel ready for a new fur baby to join our clan sometime soon. Information regarding price and availability would be great. Many Thanks.
Date : 7-Jan-17

  Name : Kirsty
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : A friend
Comments : Please can you tell me how much your adorable puppies.
Date : 12-Nov-16

  Name : Lauren
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google
Comments : Hello, Moving back to Melbourne to settle down with my family and very excited to be ready to have a pet as part of our family! I grew up with a cairns terrier cross we rescued and have never forgotten her! Such a beautiful soul and I really feel the best family pet! I would love to welcome a cairns retried into our loving family and lol forward to hearing when the next litter will be arriving! Thank you!
Date : 30-Oct-16

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